Core Team
Ahmed Ali Al Shorafa
Chairman / BSc. Civil / 2003
Business leader with countable experience in design, construction and project management for mega projects including Burj Khalifa, Masdar City master plan and several infrastructure projects.
Hany Mahmoud Amer
Chief Executive Officer / BSc. Civil / 1972
Over 20 years of experience in managing Engineering Firms in Egypt, Libya, and in the UAE (28 years) in the design and construction management fields.
Abbas Hadi Makki
Board Member / A&E Division Manager / MSc. Architecture / 2003
Over 16 years of experience in the fields of design and management of multidisciplinary projects in Lebanon and UAE of wide range projects, including institutional, residential, industrial, transportation, healthcare, commercial & hotels.
Mercy Reyes
Principal Architect / BSc. Architecture / 1999
Over 19 years of professional experience in Architectural Design & Engineering work, handling the technical coordination for multidisciplinary projects across the UAE.
Mark Anthony F. Cayena
Senior Structural Engineer / BSc. Civil / 2003
Over 16 years of experience in the field of structural design and analysis, construction management and administration for all types of buildings. Licensed Structural Engineer in UAE and Fareast.
Seena K Sleeba
Senior Electrical Engineer / BSc. Electrical / 2004
Over 15 years of experience in design and construction management of electrical & low current systems and networks for residential, institutional buildings, healthcare, commercial facilities, and leisure resorts.
Shemeer Rasheed
Senior Mechanical Engineer / BSc. Mechanical / 2001
Over 17 years of experience in design and construction management for healthcare facilities, Industrial and commercial buildings in the UAE. Area of expertise covers, HVAC, Fire protection, Drainage and Medical gases system.
Key Team Members
Individuals committed to a group effort
Mohamed Hefny / Ahmed Gomaa / Mohammad Slaiman / Alaa Khorshid / Mohamed Diraz / Ahmed Saadoun / Marlon Bueno Go / Jouie Gantes / Saleh Ibrahim / Mostafa Saadoun / Anisha V. / Abderrezzaq Smaili / Sadek Saad / Hana Mostafa / Diosdado Mutia / Ali Akbar / Jamil Sagun / Ahmed Khalil / Roman Mesina / Shuaib Abdulla / Mohammed Kafeel / Mohamed Ismail / Sivaji Kesarapu / Clark Gasis / Camia Carretero / Ilene Bondoc / Ahmed Farag / Rodolf Noquez