A passion for designing and delivering projects of the highest quality is the heart of our work culture, and remains at the core of our practice. We provide full range of professional consultancy services to cover the Sectors of Hospitality, Commercial, Residential, Institutional, Educational, Healthcare, Sports & Leisure, Airports and Industrial. Our expertise involves buildings, Urban Planning and Infrastructure works.

Project and Development Management We provide management expertise to deliver integrated service to Employers through the life cycle of their projects. Design and Planning Studies We study urban fabrics and potentials for communities, explore patterns of behavior, demography and cultural aspects that influence the built environment. Our services start at macro scale analysis to draw connection lines for the project concepts. Engineering Studies We combine expertise from various fields, embracing all types of buildings and master plans, dynamic designs, conventional and geometrical complexes. Architects work with all engineering functions as an integral part from conception till completion. Tender Action / Procurement Services We prepare and manage the tendering process, including technical communications, negotiation and signing of contracts. Construction Administration And Supervision We administer the construction process and perform technical inspection, to assure the quality, monitor the program and control the cost. Sustainability Studies Provide practical solutions to help in ecological footprint reduction, through our built environment. We are committed to driving sustainability, and intends to deliver the best levels of sustainable projects. Value Engineering It is our continuous process implemented during design & execution of projects and developments.